10 Cats Through the Eyes of a Professional Photographer

Polish photographer Anna Kuczynska, says that she loves animals and wanted to use her skills to give back to her local animal community. So she goes to her local animal shelter and does photo sessions with cats up for adoption! 

She says the sessions can last up to a whopping two hours because she wants to capture the beauty and nature of each cat. Anna hopes that her photos will help these cats find their furr-ever homes and as a bonus we get to enjoy some really great photos of some really spunky kitty cats!

1. This grey cat looks so loving!

Her eyes are asking for play time and snuggles.

2. Silly kitties!

Nothing says fun like 2 cats playing with feathers!

3. Sweet kitten.

I have a strong desire to snuggle this kitten.

4. Mischievous Black Cat

There is undeniable personality radiating from this photo!

5. Ready to play!

This sweet kitty is in full play mode.

6. She's fabulous.

She deserves a good scratch.

7. Kitten love!

This precious baby will surely find the home she deserves!

8. "Zula"

I'm half tempted to fly to Poland for this kitty.

9. Stunning eyes!

Anna may call herself an amateur but this photo will take your breath away.

10. "Zenek"

This cat has sass, he is purrfecf.

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