11 Adorable Kittens Guaranteed to Make You Feel Good

Seth Casteel is an author and award-winning photographer who is giving back to the community that helped make him famous. Seth first gained International notoriety when his series of photos capturing dogs pouncing into water broke through the Internet and made him a sensation. 

For nearly ten years he has been taking photos of animals up for adoption and helping them find the families they were destined to be with. His very own nonprofit organization is dedicated to inspiring, empowering, and educating animal ambassadors around the world to "improve the image of rescue and adoption through positive photography."

His photos here today of kittens caught mid pounce are so adorable and we are so excited to see them. It certainly leaves a feel good feeling to know that on top of everything the kitties are that much closer to their forever homes thanks to Seth and his efforts. 

1. Through the air!

This is Chicken. I love the fluffy jelly bean.

2. Majestic!

This sweet baby is BamBam.

3. Pounce!

Peak-a-boo, this is Bug-a-Boo!

4. Love nugget

This is Fuzzbucket and I can hear his meow when I close my eyes.

5. Big dreamer!

This is Zeppelin and he is my spirit animal.

6. Purrfect Pose

His name is Jon Snow and I love him.

7. Big dreamer

Her name is GummiBear and she is a natural at frolicking.

8. Petunia

She climbs trees and steals hearts.

9. Chicken in the grass.

A kitten named chicken is a happy kitten indeed.

10. A meow that echoes

Little Dora the Explorer prances through grass and into your heart.

11. A kitten called Peeps.

Thank you, Seth, for your images and your efforts!

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