11 Cats on Tumblr That Will Make You Do A Belly Laugh

When cats and Tumblr come together it is basically Internet magic in the making. Despite a reputation for being sassy, most Tumblr users are notorious cat lovers and they have the posts to back that reputation up.

Today I skimmed through post after post to seek out the ones you definitely need in your life, and I am not kitten you. You'll find it im-paws-ible to look away until the very end (and you might still beg for more).

1. Purr-incess power.

Always guaranteed to make you smile.

2. Kitty crisis

He is having a tough day.

3. The purrfect blend.

Meow you see me.

4. Caturspace.

Cats do like to explore.

5. When you wish for a cat.

Grand entrances to be expected.

6. I have never wanted something so bad in my life...

Cats can replace spiders right meow, ok?

7. Catfather

A perfect twist on a classic.

8. Aint no party like a cat party.

Sometimes called a purrty.

9. It's a cat-astrophe.

Kitty cat attack.

10. Super scientifically correct terminology.

On a scale of 1 to 10 this is a cat.

11. A whole new level of fat cat.

This cat has his own area code.

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