11 Paws-itivly Purrfectly Timed Photos of Cats

Cats are either exactly where they need to be or never where they should be and there is really no in between. However, every so often it's like the stars align... except with cats and photo opportunities. A cat in just the right spot makes for the purrfect photo and those of us who are crazy cat fanatics deserve photos like this on the Internet of our favorite feline friends.

1. Cats are made of:

Liquid, rubber, fluff? We're not really sure.

2. Stuck between planes of existence

Half painting, half real live cat... there's probably a spell we can chant to break this?

3. Aaaaand... they're off!

Kitty is ready to race.

4. Lawsuit pending

Butt toucher kitty is laughing hysterically.

5. When other cats like milk...

This cat likes colas.

6. Offensive

Kitty willingly moons this bald man on TV.

7. Kitty had dreams

Kitty always wanted a mustache of her own.

8. When kitty has too much caffeine

She sees sounds and hears colors.

9. Eye see you

Mysterious shadow cat sees all.

10. Rowr!

Imitation is the highest flattery.

11. Kitty or Creepy?

I've never seen something more purrfectly timed, to be honest.

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