These 13 Photos of Cats in Hats Made From Their Own Fur Are Seriously Hilarious

I'm not kitten around, these cats are making meow laugh purrrrrrty hard right now.

Ok, I'll save some puns for later. Ryo Yamazaki is a Japanese photographer who loves his cats. He also has a brilliant sense of humor. His three Scottish Fold Cats are quite the shedders. Nyaa is an 8-year-old tabby, Mar is a 6-year-old white, and Wheat is a 1-year-old brown tiger. Their colors are glorious and their hats.... amazing. Ryo likes to take all the hair his kitties shed. He brushes out the cat hair and molds them into HATS for his cats. Yep, I'm not kidding. He then photographs them and we cannot get enough! On top of being totally adorable, these photos are seriously hilarious.

I'm sure this trend is something we can look forward to for the near future!

1. A brilliant illusion

They could almost pass for the cat's real ears... I'm impurrrrsed

2. Serious business

Pointy hats usually mean serious stuff, right?

3. Purr-esident Elect

He does really look like Donald Trump here, rght? It's not just me who sees it?

4. If you ever wondered what a cat meeting looked like...

I'm sure this isn't quite what you pictured but you'll enjoy this either way.

5. Hat stack

...because sometimes cat butts need hairy hats.

6. Lookin' purrrrty today

What a sweet kitty in this little furry hat.

7. Majestic

Seriously, majestic.

8. Stare of death

I think we know which hat is his least favorite...

9. Penny for your thoughts?

Does that hat block transmissions from space?

10. I see your point

You made a fair argument with a large point and a small point.

11. Can you imagine...

Imagine being a neighbor walking by to see these 3 cats staring out the window with those hair hats...

12. Purrfect

I think that's his brother's hair but it's still amazing.

13. Holidays are always interesting

Especially when your witch hat is made out of your hair.

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