13 Purrfect Cat Photo Illusions

Are cats masters of disguise? These photos suggest a strong yes. Curled up into balls of fluffy love, cats can blend into their surroundings like little furry chameleons to achieve maximum napping abilities. In general, cats do not enjoy being interrupted during their naps so this is probably why they've gotten so good at finding just the right places to curl up and nap undetected.

You may have to look a little hard in some of these photos to see where the kitty is hiding but it will definitely be worth it once you realize just how adorable each and every one of these 13 cats is!

1. Trying to plant kitties this year?

One of these pails looks more like fur than dirt...

2. I wish more of those towels were cats

Kitty is napping away!

3. Photobomb

Expert level achieved

4. Hat or Cat?

One of these hats is not like the other.

5. "Eye" see you

If you can spot the eyes, you've found the kitty.

6. Kitty has eyes on the prize

Subtle hunter.

7. This cat is expertly disguised:

As a rock. (Hint: he's near the tippy top.)

8. Snuggled up with the TV

Literally, though. Not just watching, he's cuddling the TV. Do you see him?

9. Ok, this one is actually hard...

This kitty seems confused if it's a cat or a bird as it cozies in it's little nest.

10. When will my reflection show...

Where the cat is?

11. This one is tricky

Especially because the only visible part of kitty is his little fluffy tail

12. Need a hint?

He's just poking his head out to say, "hello," and "meow."

13. Ok this one is a little difficult

Here's your hint: this kitty is sitting comfortable... as close to home as possible.

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