14 of the Biggest Cats You've Ever Seen

Have you ever seen a cat so big it couldn't possibly be real? Well, you bet your bottom dollar domesticated cats come in some super large sizes. There are few things I love more than seeing an enormous fluffy cat that looks like it could be composed of 2 or 3 cats. Someday I hope I get to call one of these magnificently sized beasts of fur my own. Which one surprised you the most? You may not believe Number 12.

1. Wowza!

If you thought I was kidding about large cats, you will find yourself sorely mistaken.

2. Bently

This kid must have some muscles to hold this big main coon up so high.

3. Midnight Baby

This dark kitty is glorious.

4. Bengal kitty

There is no telling this giant cat what it can or cannot do.

5. Big Kitty!

At only two years old, it's hard to imagine how much bigger this kitty could get.

6. Lester

Lester is large and in charge... big enough to get into anything his heart desires.

7. Flattering

How could you say no to rubbing this big, fluffy belly?

8. Big, beautiful baby.

Silver superstar!

9. Mister snuggle-puss

This kitty is all about the snuggles.

10. Main Coon Love

Her feet don't even fit in the photo! What a big, beautiful cat!

11. Andre the Giant

Yes, that's this huge cat's name and this is him at his very first vet visit. Holy moly!

12. This 21-lbs cat didn't last long

He was apparently adopted only mere hours after the public found out about this big, beautiful cat.

13. Glorios Siberian

All fluff and attitude!

14. Oh my

This cat must be 80% fluff

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