14 Things Every Cat Owner Will Be Able To Relate To

Cats have to be the most rebellious pets out there, they love to ignore the rules and always have their own special attitude, and no matter how much we try to convince them to do something or not to do something they always end up winning that fight and proceed to live their lives as they please anyways. They perceive us as their servants, so naturally, that leads up to a lack to obedience and rebellion from their part.

1. Why do you keep doing this to us hooman?

2. I mean I really appreciate the gift hooman, it's really nice of you but I would rather just chill on this box

3. They simply can't co-exist

4. Please don't do that again, I was worried sick about you

5. They will annoy the hell out of you just to get some attention

6. Just get me a thousand boxes

7. They do it on purpose just to get more extra food

8. Bethany, look at the camera, we're taking a selfie

9. I just need to know what it tastes like, I'm a cat for Christ's sake

10. We will never know why they do that

11. Maybe if I hide here they won't be able to see me

12. Th most comfortable napping position

13. I will destroy that book

14. I mean it sucks for you, but please get me a new kind

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