15 Kitty Parents Who Are Just Trying Their Best

Parenthood is not easy at all, it's way too much responsibility and you never get to take any breaks at all considering that it's the kind of job that you have to do 24/7.

Most humans can't even handle a single baby, but cats somehow manage to take care of so many kittens at the same time, and they do it so efficiently without complaining or being lazy about it, but sometimes it can also get overwhelming for them too.

1. She completely ran out of ink after the second kitten

2. "What have I done, I immediately regret this"

3. A group picture with the whole fam

4. "Really Bertha, cats need privacy too, get lost"

5. The little fluffs are drinking their milk

6. A happy and perfect family

7. The kittens are asleep, let's kiss

8."Why did I even think this was a good idea"

9. The kittens are full of energy while the mom is exhausted

10. Why did you bring us here hooman?

11. This is how I get all the hoomans to pat me and give me treats, watch and learn

12. Jesus Ashley, will you put that damn camera down

13. She made exact copies of herself

14. This exit is blocked, come back later

15. She's wondering how on earth one of the kittens came out back

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