16 Adorable Cats Hilariously Ruin Photos

Let's face it. When it comes to taking a photo: timing is everything. Nobody ruins photos quite like children and animals and today's 16 cats are NO exception. These absolutely adorable little stinkers could have written THE book on ruining photos in the best ways possible.

I'm not even complaining because I'm too busy laughing! Quirky, silly, and most definitely funny; these photos will absolutely make your day 16 times better than it was before you saw these silly cats!

1. I know what this is

This is when a cat is angry and derping at the same time.

2. A little cross-eyed?

Only a cat can master adorable derp.

3. "Mom, mom, mom, mom"

He looks mid-sneeze and it's making me giggle.

4. Lickity split


5. When the catnip hits

"I can hear colors and see sounds!"

6. Unexpected Selfie

Better stick the tongue out

7. Lick

This is a little bit purrfect.

8. The derp is strong in this one.

It's amazing.

9. Godfather Kitty

"On this, the day of my daughter's wedding."

10. Gold!

I have never been more pleased with a photo in my entire life.

11. I'm not sure if this is technically ruined...

because it's ABSOLUTELY adorable.

12. Itty bitty kitty

Bonus: comes with tongue sticking out

13. "Wazzzaaaaaap"

Calm down, kitty. You wild animal!

14. Busted?

Just stick your tongue out. Win-win.

15. Pawsitively adorable

Even when maximum derp.

16. Silly kitty

What an absolute goofball

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