16 Cat Tattoos You're Definitely Going to Want

Body modifications and tattoos have become second nature in today's society. It probably seems like virtually everyone you know has at least one work of body ink. We use tattoos to express everything from our feelings to both good and bad memories and everything in between. Naturally of course that means whatever you're obsessed with could end up being a work of art on your body.

Well I happen to be absolutely crazy about cats and I'm not the only one. These 16 cat tattoos will leave you craving one of your own.

1. Eyes to her soul.

If you own a cat, the cat owns your soul.

2. Fascinating concept

This is definitely a unique spot of ink.

3. I guess you could say he likes it.

Maybe cats are vain but I prefer to believe this cat feels honored by her human.

4. So much purr-sonality!

This one is so cute!

5. So realistic!

The realistic ones really tug at your heart strings.

6. Sometimes simple is best.

I love sweet and subtle tattoos!

7. This is SO cool!

You know this one made you say, "wow!"

8. Stunning Colors!

This tattoo is cram packed with personality!

9. Cats bring balance into our lives.

This is a lovely symbol.

10. It's the little things in life that matter.

Especially cat tattoos.

11. What a beautiful piece!

I love the splashes of color!

12. Follow the cat!

He's on his way to her heart.

13. Head boop!

How precious is it that she got her cat's manuerism tattooed on her?!

14. Inner beast, inner strength.

Every kitty has a tiger inside!

15. There's always room for more.

More cats and more cat tattoos.

16. There is love in the details.

This one is exquisite.

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