16 Hilarious Cats That Let Themselves In

Cats are absolutely amazing and there's a huge list of reasons why we walk into shelters and search the Internet for a cat to adopt and call our own. Amazing cats are also the reason cat people never say no when someone says, "my cat had kittens, who wants one?" We will take all the kitties.

So what happens when the cat chooses you? Some cats are neighborhood wanderers and some don't have a home and for some reason sometimes a cat just waltzes into your home and makes themselves comfortable. In fact, these 16 cats did precisely that when they let themselves in and made their presence known! What would you do?

1. The closer they get, the better they get

I would love all of them forever.

2. This is how your day just gets better

Surprise kitty guest!

3. "Well hello there, hoo-man."

Kitty deserves cuddles.

4. "I think he saw me."

A pleasant surprise.

5. Meow?

"What are you looking at lady, it's nice in here."

6. How to improve studying 101:

Acquire a study buddy cat

7. He was hungry

He looks upset that you discovered him. Leave him be.

8. That escalated quickly.

On a scale of 1 to 10, this is all the awesome, though.

9. All I want for my birthday:

Is to come home to this.

10. Never the less...

He will gladly take some of those tasty treats you were bragging about.

11. He looks so content

Let him snuggle awhile longer!

12. Not my cat?

He looks pretty pleased with himself.

13. Comfort is a mindset

What better place to snuggle?

14. What a beautiful visitor

I would pet him , too.

15. Pretty paws.

It's ok, the couch is better this way.

16. Oh, sure...

Just make yourself at home, cat.

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