16 Perfectly Timed Pictures Of Cats

Timing pictures perfectly is what photography is all about. If you don't react fast enough you won't be able to capture that perfect moment or phenomenon which might occur only once in your lifetime.

The internet is filled with cat pictures, and it's only natural since they're so damn cute that you can't help yourself but take thousands of pictures of them every day, but every once in a while some people manage to capture the most unusual situations involving cats, which is always great since we get to see them too.

1. Cat woman, literally

2. They're so in love that both their bodies collaborated and translated that love

3. Some cats can fly, but the media is lying to you about it

4. A big ball of fluff flying in the air

5. He's trying to seem more scary by imitating that tiger

6. A portal that changes the color of your fur

7. The perfect man, every woman dreams of having a guy like this

8. The longest cat in the world

9. That's a human being stuck inside a cat's body

10. Even her shadow is creeping

11. The cat knew exactly what it was doing

12. This cat is magical, and it was all caught on camera

13. Nyan cat? Is that you?

14. They launched a fluff missile on us

15. I see you, don't try anything sketchy

16. Respect me and my glorious mustache, you peasant

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