20 of the Best Cat Smiles You'll Ever See

To the outside world, cats have a reputation for not being lovable, happy balls of fluff but to cat lovers everywhere, we know better. We know cats have complex purr-sonalities and we can't get enough of them. Yet, somehow people doubt us.

So here we have definitive proof! 20 Cats smiling, displaying happiness that is undeniable! If you've never seen such happy cats then you're definitely in luck! These kitty smiles are the sweetest smiles you'll ever see and we're certain that these frisky felines will make you fall in love all over again with all things cat.

1. All the features!

That little furry smile and those little furry paws... my heart is melting!

2. Undeniable!

Now this is one happy cat!

3. Smells so good!

The purr-fect accessory for a happy kitty.

4. Smile Market

This kitty exchanges happy smiles for happy snuggles.

5. Meow!

This kitty is ready to start his day, full of joy!

6. That's one content kitty!

Nothing makes a cat happier than snuggling its human.

7. There's no place like mum

Kittens cuddling mamas.... it's the best.

8. Kitty giggles!

This cat is definitely having a "tee-hee" moment.

9. Maximum comfort achieved

That smile... I'd smile too if I could tuck my legs up like that!

10. Kitty is pleased

Purr-fectly content.

11. Purr, purr, purr!

The smile on this sleepy kitty... you can almost hear her purring!

12. Surprise!

It's the little things in life that make little kittens smile.

13. Pocket Purr

This little kitten is joyfully snuggled up.

14. Cheesy baby!

This kitty is happy to be adored.

15. Happiest Cat Ever?

Well if it's not this cat it's definitely number 19.

16. Sweet dreams

All the best dreams for the best kitten.

17. Smiles for days!

This cat always has smiles to share!

18. Subtle Smiles

This kitten's smile is JUST right.

19. Happy Cat

Now this is one big kitty grin.

20. What is this?

This is happiness. Happiness is a cozy kitty.

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