20 Purrfect Before and After Pictures of Kittens Becoming Cats

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It seems like in the blink of an eye our baby kittens grow from small balls of fluffy fury to glorious large and in charge masterpieces. There's something special about scooping a kitten up and into your heart and never letting go, watching them grow and learn and transform alongside you, watching their personality bloom from spunky to smooth, and watching them fall more in love with you every day as you are falling more in love with them every day as well.

Here are 20 before and after photos of kittens growing up into full grown cats, and I promise you'll spend every second feeling the joy rise in your soul as you look at these babies and how the grew into elegant cats. 

1. Once cute...

Now majestic

2. "My box is best."

One learns quickly with cats to indulge them in their desire to keep their favorite box.

3. A cat and her sink...

She just made it more comfortable by growing more fluff.

4. This cat though...

Small and sweet to large and in charge. Plus a few dashes of sass.

5. Time makes the heart grow fonder

And two cat's bond stronger.

6. Kitten pile before

Cat pile after

7. She's a queen

...and she knows it.

8. Rescued!

Her life and her heart.

9. Kitties love their toys

For life.

10. This will make you giggle...

"If I fits, I sits. If I don't fits, I still sits."

11. It only takes 6 months to fill the sink

With orange and white fluffy love!

12. Little floof to big floof

Melting hearts for all of time!

13. 18 years of cat and human love

Best friends forever!

14. 10 years later...

We can clearly tell that chair was favored by that cat.

15. Toby's Bed

He loves his bed and he'll never stop loving!

16. Purrfectly Perched

The purrfect spot to sit never stops being the purrfect spot to sit.

17. 17 years of love

Who doesn't want to grow up with their fur friend?

18. Snuggle stuffy

Nothing comes between a cat and her stuffy.

19. BFF's

You're never too big for your baby beds, especially if you're cozied up next to your lifelong best friend.

20. Furrever friends

Cat friends that grow together are bound to be furr-ends furr-ever.

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November 07, 2018

Truly beautiful!

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