9 Unimpressed Cats That Are Silently Judging You

It's no secret that I love cats or that I love everything about them. I love their everything from their fluff to their sass, and boy let me tell you do they have sass. Trust me when I tell you that every time you ever danced like an idiot or farted when you sneezed that your cat judged you. Your cat looked at you with disgust or a sheer lack of amusement. Maybe you didn't notice it but believe me that cat gave you that look. 

Thankfully for all the times you've missed those moments with your cats the internet has provided examples. After you're done with this list you'll know exactly what to look for anytime you've been a little too silly and your cat needs to judge you. Rest assured, of course, that it's still totally amazing even if it is a bit condescending!

1. When you catch them off guard, they don't appreciate it.

I mean, nobody likes a surprise camera in their face. Your feline companion is no different.

2. From his throne above....

All cats enjoy looking down on their human servants. Get used to it.

3. Maximum Sass

Never has a cat been more disappointed.

4. Fluffy thinks something stinks.

You, it's you. Fluffy thinks you stink.

5. You'll want to grab a dictonary for this one

Look up disappointment, you'll see this cat because this is the face of disappointment.

6. Yikes!

Kitty doubts your judgment.

7. Unimpressed cat is unimpressed.

I think this kitty doubts your ability to be genuine.

8. Never disturb kitty.

Especially not during naps or sunbathing. Kitty will give you this look.

9. Remember: your cat sees everything.

Your cat sees all and never stops judging.

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