A Kitten Found Huddled In The Rain Can't Get Enough Of Human Cuddles

During a rainstorm in Fresno, California, a small kitten could be heard crying from underneath a bush.

Some good samaritans found him alone, cold, wet, and hungry and had to do something to help him.



Though they searched the area around the store where the small kitten was found, no one could find any sign of more kittens or the little baby's mother.

"Because of the cold wet weather and that the baby was shivering so much, the kind rescuers picked him up and turned to the Cat House On the Kings to give this baby its best chance at survival," Harvie Schreiber of the Cat House on the Kings said in an interview.

The tiny baby was so young it still needed bottle feeding, so a kind volunteer from the cat house took him home to foster.

Immediately he began snuggling into her chest for love and warmth and began to get some much needed TLC.



"The kitten was initially very puzzled by the bottle but within a few tries, mastered this new skill," Harvie said.

Right now the little man's name is Albathar and thanks to constant care from his foster family he's grown bigger and stronger in just a few days.



"There is nothing as sweet as holding a warm fluffball in your hands, watching those teeny tiny ears wiggle as they eat from a bottle," Tammy Barker, Asst. Director for The Cat House on the Kings says.

And it's almost like his rough start to life never happened.

He's a very vocal little cat and is never afraid to shout out when he needs a bottle and is definitely not shy in the least.



And the little kitten who was once wet and cold is now growing strong and healthy.

He will be put up for adoption once he's old enough but for now, he's concentrating on eating, yelling, and growing as much as he can.



"Every year, we rescued hundreds of kittens from the Central Valley. Some come with mom, some are bottle babies, some are big enough to eat on their own," Tammy said.

"We are so grateful for our army of loving fosters who take such good care of these little ones until they are older."



If you'd like to know more about The Cat House on the Kings make sure you check out their Facebook page. And if you'd like to know how you can help Click Here.

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