A Wobbly Stray Kitten Finally Finds A Loving Home

When a lonely stray Calico cat was found wobbling alone on the rough streets of Chicago she was immediately taken to safety. She was given love and pets and she instantly couldn't get enough of the attention.


She was taken in for to get help from Chicago Animal Care and Control and luckily, a local rescue group called The Critical Animal Relief Foundation or CARF heard about her.

They rushed to her aid quickly organized her freedom right for the next day!

When they inspected her they immediately noticed the wobble in her walk. It turned out the little cat has not only a cleft pallet but a mild case of Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH) a disease that affects a cat's motor skills. 

But even so, nothing is standing the way of this little cats will to live a long and happy life.

She reached out to her rescuer purring and meowing at them, just wishing for affection and someone to love her.


CARF started treating her for many different illnesses including conjunctivitis and a URI (upper respiratory infection).

Then she was placed in a foster home so that she had somewhere comfortable and safe to recover and learn to live indoors for the first time.

That home was the home of Lindsay Malinowski, a volunteer with CARF.



"When she first got here, she was just so exhausted. She spent all of her time in a lap or on a blanket next to a radiator. She was so skinny," Lindsay said in an interview.

And though it's taken some time the small kitten is starting to feel more at home. She's even started to enjoy having new toys and treats!

"She's still just coming out of her shell right now. She's very affectionate but you have to be very gentle and quiet with her. She's very unsure of apartment life. " Lindsay said. 



And it's obvious from that photo that her new bed is cat-approved!

Look at how comfy and happy she is! And as if that wasn't enough she not only looks cute but sounds cute too.

"Her purrs are squeaky and adorable. If a regular cat has a purr like a car engine, this cat has a purr like a clown car engine."



Supplied by Lindsay Malinowski


Her Cerebellar Hypoplasia is a permanent condition but that doesn't slow her down one bit! Her ever-present wobble only adds to how unique and special she is.

"Her floppies are permanent but it just makes her cuter," Lindsay said.



And although Lindsay has been calling her Kanoo right now the little Calico doesn't have an official name.

"She has a cleft palate and a short snoot - it gives her the cutest stumpy face."



Look at her cute little sniffer! She's a very vocal kitten but tends to be most vocal when she hears Lindsay's other cat around.

Lindsay's cat, Twiggy, is also a wobbly CARF cat.

 "Twiggy doesn't seem to know she's different. She's just herself, and she loves me unconditionally. She doesn't let a little wobbliness slow her down at all."

Just like the calico kitty!



"Now that she's recovering, she can't wait to get out of quarantine and meet her foster sister, Twiggy," Lindsay said, "They chirp through the door at each other all day."



To see more about this precious wee kitten make sure you follow CARF on Facebook and if you would like to do more to help click here to get some more information.

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