YouTuber Escapes Homelessness By Making Utterly Incredible Videos Featuring His Cat: Prince Michael

After finishing his sophomore year of college, Aaron Benitez found himself homeless. In an attempt to scrape by while he continued through college with as little debilitating debt as possible, Benitez bought an aged Chevrolet Suburban on Craiglist and moved into it!

Living in the Suburban while he attended college, Benitez continued to fine tune his special effects skills and he's applied them to his YouTube videos. What's so special about that? Benitez's YouTube channel has over 2.2 million subscribers. On top of a pawsitively adorable partner in crime, a cat appropriately named Prince Michael, his editing and special effects skills are practically unparalleled. Aaron's Animals is an extremely successful channel today and Aaron is no longer homeless. Instead, Aaron "makes videos for a living while Prince Michael spends most of his time sleeping on top of Aaron’s car."

I’ve been into film since high school, but it wasn’t until I met my dormmate Zach King in college that I was really encouraged to start a YouTube channel. If it wasn’t for his influence, I’d probably be making music videos or filming weddings.

-Aaron Benitez

Aaron's Instagram has almost a million followers as well.

His videos get thousands upon thousands of views no matter what platform they debut or are featured on.

One of the best parts are the facial expressions he edits onto the animals in his videos.

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Flat tires.

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The stories are always entertaining, but sometimes they're also totally relatable. Like this one!

Videos like this one do a great job of displaying just how talented Aaron is.

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Office musical.

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Following Aaron's YouTube channel is the easiest way to make sure you never miss iconic gems like this one!

We cannot wait to see what the future has in store for Aaron's Animals and Prince Michael!

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