These Comics Accurately Show What It Is Like To Have A Cat

Art is all around us; it just takes an artist to spot it. Which is exactly what this Instagram artist has done with his cat's behaviours. Cody Stone Stowe has been posting his comics online for years and they are so popular that he was able to quit his job and become a full-time artist!

As any cat person would, Cody made his cat, Coral, the star of many of his comics. Rightfully so, in my opinion. Cats do some bizarre things and Coral is no exception. From scratching her loving human, to litter box "accidents" and refusing to stop loving him; these comics show exactly what having a cat is like.

This is Coral. Cody's inspiration and my hero.

He told Bored Panda:

"In 2016, living in my own home, I thought it was time to get my first pet. A cat was always ideal since they seemed to be low maintenance (only slightly true). Coral was the first cat we picked up to hold, she climbed on my back, scratched the hell outta me and from then on, she owned me."

Which really set the tone for their relationship!

Read on to see some of the best cat comics you will ever see...

Just don't put your finger in their mouth--no matter how tempted you are!

Ah, the pain of unrequited love.

This cat is NOT into feet

Same, Coral. Same.

Maybe this is why cats have nine lives?

Ever wonder what your cat thinks of you? Yeah, it's probably this.

If only cats understood humans don't like to be scratched back...

Coral struggled to understand the work/life balance

It's the little things in life

The cat lover's struggle

I genuinely do not understand why they insist on doing this

Cats make very useful bug catchers... sometimes...

Presented with no ulterior motive

Coral, pretending to be innocent

Cats are the biggest bed hogs of all.

Adorable in all art forms

Cats love to be brats about cleanliness as if they don't lick their buttholes

Coral, I'm beginning to get the impression you are not trustworthy enough for that

Disappointed it wasn't The Pussycat Dolls

You're so cute when you ruin my life!

Cats never seem to understand this one.

The endless joy found from lasers

My biggest fear is thinking a scary noise was just my cat, when in actuality it IS an intruder

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