These 20+ Cat Drawings Will Have You Saying, 'That's So Accurate'

Cats just like anything else comes in all shapes, sizes and even forms. You get the very skinny ones that look like they haven't eaten in days but in fact, they can't stop eating at all! Then you get the big, fat and fluffy ones that you just can't seem to stop cuddling, but do they want to be cuddle? No, they don't, they will scratch your face off if you touch them.

They are such temperamental animals and these are just two examples of the type of cats that can be found, but I actually forgot one very important one. The liquid cat! This cat has the ability to turn into liquid so that they can practically fit into anything. It's quite remarkable really, and extremely funny!

Now, there is this Instagram account called dailypurrr and they create "stupid cat drawings" on a daily basis. Some of the drawings are from the internet's most loved cats and others are from submissions from their followers.

Here is 20+ for you to look at and laugh at!

Help me!

Behold the liquid cat

Just chilling

Too lazy to use the back legs

Is he trying to be a lying down kangaroo?


Such a cutie pie

This is how you should sleep at all times

Another one that thinks he is liquid

I am the box!

Definitely angry at the extra rolls he gained

The round about kitty

No legs?

Their love for laying on shelves

Thinking about a plan to escape the hoomans

What's up?

Move on, nothing is going on here


He is very close to scratching this human

Are you taking photos?

They love sitting like us humans

Aerobics is their favorite sport

Vampires are real!

Oooh look at that sexy look

The fluff ball

Always looking for snacks

"Oh yeah, baby!"

Nope not falling just stretching those lazy legs

Aww those eyes!

"This is only one of my paws, the other one I am hiding."

Just getting a tan

"Uh, why didn't you knock?"

Because sleep is life

They absolutely love stretching

No paws in sight

"I will steal your food as soon as you look away."

"Um, kinda stuck here!"

"Yes, you wanted something?"

Mr. Cool

So tired!

"Can't reach it!"

The best position for a nap

The box cat

Such a happy kitty

They really love taking photos of themselves

"Look I'm sitting like a hooman!"

Too lazy to do anything

Just look at that tiny face!

Why you so sad kitty?

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