Animal Adoption Center Takes Advantage Of Viral Area 51 Memes To Help Get Adorable Pets Adopted

An amusing joke gone too far? Storm Area 51 was an event created on Facebook that has pretty much dominated the Internet the last couple of weeks, so it's not surprising that people have used this opportunity to take advantage of the trending topic and capitalize on the copious amounts of humor involved in such a wild and irrational concept.

If any "industry" is good at taking advantage of what's trending and doing something genuinely good with it, it's the people who help find forever homes for animals up for adoption. When Avengers: Endgame released, one rescue site named a little of puppies after Endgame characters. So, naturally, why not use the Area 51 fiasco taking over right now to help adopt out sweet fur babies? It makes purr-fect sense!

The Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center in Longview, Texas had a problem. They were FULL of puppies. Bursting to the rims with adorable puppers, they had to act fast.

At first, they advertised an adoption special on July 19th:

PUPPIES, PUPPIES, EVERYWHERE.... Friends, we're still FULL and we still need ADOPTERS!! In addition to our $10 ADOPTION SPECIAL happening thru Saturday, 7/20, we're excited to offer a FREE 5 lb of Nature's Select of the Arklatex dog food (retail value of $15) with the first 30 dog/puppy adoptions. LACAC chooses to feed Nature's Select to all our shelter animals during their time here- great starter bag to get your adopted pup adjusted at home!! Come down and see us TODAY- so many deserving animals looking for their FURR-EVER homes!! All adoptions include spay/neuter, microchip and vaccinations with an approved application. Open 11-5- LACAC- 303 HG Mosley Pkwy, 75604.

A mere 24 hours later, however, they found the perfect way to get everybody up in paws: Storm Area 51... but with puppers.

Volunteers and employees for the shelter made and placed adorable "alien" ears and eyes on both humans and pets alike and posed in humorous photos to help spread the word.

Some of the pictures included hilarious tinfoil hats, because what alien conspiracy stories are complete without tinfoil hats??

Of course, it wasn't just doggos and puppers looking for their forever homes, and Longview delivered the im-paws-ible by even getting precious, purr-fect kittens to pose with alien accessories. How do you say no to this? You simply cannot.

In fact, this kitten's photo may have been one of the most popular.

But this little black kitten definitely competed with an adorable factor above and beyond the call of duty.

The staff pulled out all the stops to make the photos adorable, hilarious, and totally memorable!

Fans of the page and community were not the only ones to enjoy the photos. The post went completely viral, very quickly.

But with creativity like this?? How could they not? They included this little guy! That's dedication to the adoption process.

It's been proven that accessorizing pets help them get adopted, but usually that means bows and bandanas. Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center really raised the bar and we couldn't be more thrilled.

These adoptable pets were definitely "abduction" worthy!

And by far one of the funniest photos in their alien promotion was this one:

And clearly, the comments rolled in, supportive as heck!

Racking in over 15,000 "likes," over 5,300 comments, and over 29,000 shares... clearly everyone was delighted.

If you'd like more information on Longview, you can visit their Facebook Page.

If you don't live in the Texas area but would love to help their fabulous rescue and adoption center, you can learn more about how to help at this section of their website!

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