Undeniable Reasons You Should Adopt A Black Cat Right Meow

Are you thinking about bringing a furry feline into your heart and home in the near future? Have we got great news for you! Black cats are the bee's knees, the bomb dot com, or in other words: the absolute best. That's no exaggeration, black cats are on a pedestal of their very own: uniquely beautiful, distinctly purr-fect in every way!

Sadly, black cats don't always get the appreciation and party they deserve and we're not okay with that. In fact, we think it would be fan-freaking-tastic if you decided to adopt a black kitty specifically, and we've come up with reasons (including photographic proof) that you should consider these adorable critters above all others! Celebrate the black cats with us, even if you aren't looking to adopt!

The cuteness factor.

I'm purr-ty sure it's a scientific fact that black cats and black kittens are CUTE AS HECK.

They're super photogenic.

Just look at how majestic this beautiful cat is. LOOK!

They're so affectionate

Okay, all cats have a cuddle side. But look how cute black cats are when they cuddle!

They're very happy kitties!

Sometimes they're portrayed as absolute grumps, but that's not fair. They are very happy cats.

They're SO GOOFY

They're some of the most playful and goofy cats on earth.

They're fabulous companions to other cats.

Friendly, playful, snuggle bugs.

Speaking of companionship...

Another reason to choose a black cat: they look extraordinarily fabulous when they cuddle with other cats, especially white cats!

They get along fabulously with dogs.

Because some of us love cats and dogs.

Their EYES

All that fluffy, black fur means their eyes always pop.

In fact, sometimes they're ALL eyes.

It's splendid.

They're masters of many things, like:

Being majestic.

Also, this angle.

They're definitely a master of this angle.

Although, without a doubt... the one thing black cats master above all else?


Black cats tolerate clothes better than most cats.

So, if dressing your cat up is your thing? Black cats are a great choice.

Sometimes they are extremely fluffy.

Like, the fluffiest fluffy.

Sometimes, they do this.

How could you call yourself a cat lover if you didn't paws-itively love this?

You could never really get tired of looking at a face like this.

It's im-paws-ible.

So, I have just two questions for you:

  1. How many black cats do you have?
  2. How many black cats do you want?

Put your paws up if you LOVE black cats!

We know we love them!

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