5 Reasons To Adopt A Sweet Special Needs Kitty

I have two sweet kitties who I adore. I adopted them from a humane society and a car lot after hours, respectively. 

It was easy to adopt them and they would've likely found someone else eventually if I had not found them, but it's not so easy for a special needs cat. They tend to get looked down upon, but it's not fair at all. 

We have had so many advances in veterinary science, that taking home a special needs cat is not as hard to deal with as it once was. It does take more financial resources, attention, and a bit more love, but it definitely can be done and they would really appreciate it!

1. You'll gain an open mind

You might just think that a special needs kitty needs sympathy, and plenty of people feel bad for them. But they are so much more than that! A cat with three legs will adapt and can very likely live a normal life once they adjust. This feels very close to humans who overcome similar circumstances. 

2. You'll gain new skills

You will be blessed with a whole new understanding of how to care for a specific need that you may never have had to deal with before. Some kitties can become diabetic, and their owners will need to be up to date on all things feline diabetes to keep their sweet kitties happy and healthy.

3. You'll save a kitty from being in a shelter for a long time

Special needs kitties aren't adopted at anywhere near the same rate as regular cats. If you adopt a sweet, special needs cat from the shelter, you'll be saving them from years of waiting for their forever home. 

4. You'll brighten the life of a sweet animal

Special needs cats are definitely cared for in shelters, but one-on-one adequate care is far superior. If you take in a sweet special needs cat, you can give them all the attention and care they need and change their life for the better. 

5. They will live another day

While there are no-kill shelters, even ones that are wonderful shelters have their limits. If the shelter needs to euthanize to make room for other kitties, the special needs one will be first to go. If you adopt these little guys, you are literally giving them another chance at life. 

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