Can You Believe This Chubby, Potato-Shaped Cat Needed A Home?

Adopting pets solves a plethora of issues, it helps keep pets from being homeless, it helps keeps animals from being euthanized, and it helps fund the shelters that help pets find forever homes!

Sometimes, some animals aren't so quick to adopt. Older and obese cats are especially difficult to adopt and Bruno fit at least one of those molds since he clocked in at a whopping 25 pounds. Bruno was brought to Wright-Way Rescue in Illinois in April because he wasn't getting along very well with the children in the family.

Bruno was a sweet cat but being overweight would make it difficult for him to run away when he needed or wanted space from grabby children and staff members at the shelter suspected that's why this lovable, chunky cat wasn't in the right family. So what was the next step for a cool cat like Bruno?

Hello Bruno!

Bruno is seven years old and besides being polydactyl, one of the coolest things Bruno does is stand on his back legs while his belly protrudes.

Bruno loves standing on his legs like this!

But don't let that face fool you, he's just a big goofy cat who wants all the love and attention he can get!

Because of the funny way he sat, Bruno's photos that the shelter shared in hopes he would find a home fast went viral!

Even though Bruno was at a shelter in Illinois, applications to adopt him were flooding in from all over the world! From Canada to Australia, people wanted Bruno for themselves.

But when Chicago resident Lauren Paris saw how popular Bruno was she felt that submitting an application wasn't enough. On top of having her boss write a letter of recommendation, she wrote, sang, and recorded a song and submitted it to the shelter. Why? She says, "I’m a little extra, just like Bruno."

It must have worked because Bruno loved Lauren as much as Lauren loved Bruno! She adopted him and now the pair are rocking the Instagram scene, updating global fans on Bruno's weight loss journey and the love he's found in his forever home.

Bruno has a promising and happy future ahead of him in Chicago with Lauren! We wish them the best!

Considering Bruno's song is now on itunes, it's safe to say this family has quite the career ahead of them. 25 pounds and standing tall.

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