10+ Adorable Cats Purr-fectly Spitting Out Their Tongues

Cats are one of the world's greatest creations, by far. The ultimate companion whether you are a lone ranger sipping a glass of wine or a family of 6 (or 10 or 20, however many kids float your boat.) Coming in a wide variety, all of which are adorable, and with the ability to live over two decades, cats should really be considered man's best friend.

Why, do you ask? Because they are so much like us, of course, except better... also of course. They are bursting with expression and purr-sonality! For all the glares, smiles, and crazy eyes cats have to offer us as far as facial expressions go there is no denying cat lovers unanimously vote a favorite face: the blep.

Yes, the blep is a real thing. According to Urban Dictionary, blep is defined as:

the act of a cat sticking its tongue out slightly without realizing it, often for long periods of time

It is the equivalent of a human's blank stare but with maximum cuteness achieved. Don't believe me? Well, the burden of proof is on me, so here are oodles of proof...

First, I enter into evidence the definition.

And now... the cats. Glorious cats and their paws-itively purr-fect blep faces!

1. Paws Up for Blep

Kitteh represents the blep.

2. "Paint me like one of your French bleps."


3. Those eyes...

Between the blep and the eyes we don't know what we love most, do you?

4. Plot? What is dis plot?

Innocent blep is innocent.

5. "I think I'll just have a nice blep session."

Under the sanctity of the furniture, of course.

6. The Unintentional Bully

The blep is a mighty weapon against other kitties.

7. A nap and a blep.

Day well spent.

8. Hide and Seek

Under the covers the blep reigns supreme.

9. No place left un-blepped.

The library is the purr-fect place for this kitty to blep.

10. Thought Provoking Blep

He's gonna blep til the day he dies.

11. As the sun sets...

The cat shall blep.

12. Sweet dreams are made of bleps

And who am I to disagree?

13. The Blep Saga

Chronicals of Blep.

14. The Exotic Blep

The blep of a Serval kitty is something else all together.

15. Sir Blep is a gentleman.

Good day to you sir, and a blep to you as well.

16. Intergalactic Blep

From space to you.

17. Blep in Bed

It's the coziest place to blep.

18. How do you take your blep?

With big blue eyes, please.

19. The New Mom Blep

It doesn't matter what species you are, all moms know what this feeling is.

20. "I got the thing."

Isn't the first blep the sweetest?

21. Just another Blep in the wind

Green pastures, sweet kitties, purr-fect bleps.

22. The bathtub blep

The purr-fect time to blep, if you think about.

23. Never too tired to blep

Sometimes all a kitty needs is to find a comfy chair and to blep the night away. We can dig it.

24. Kitteh is bashful

But not too bashful to blep.

25. All cats blep.

Even wild and majestic jungle cats.

26. How to crochet a blep:

Crochet, add kitty, receive blep. Profit??

27. "Sit down, we need to talk blep things."

Serious business.

28. What in the blep?!

What the blep did you blep at me?! Blep!?

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