Pawsitively Adorable Cat-Designed Products You're Going To Obsess Over

It's not uncommon let alone unheard of for someone to take what they're obsessed with and make it into the central theme for their lives. We all know someone who is a major comic book nerd and does all things comic books, someone who lives and breaths for cars, or someone who is die-hard for Disney. There's nothing wrong with diving into the deep end of something that makes you happy. So, if anyone tries to poo-poo your devotion to all things cat, make sure you remember there's nothing wrong with you. If anything, you're the best of the bunch... because cats.

Since we've established that being a crazy cat person is a good thing, check out all these awesome cat-designed items that we're drooling and obsessing over right meow!

Cat-Shaped Wine Bottle Holder

Wine can be decorative with this cat-shaped bottle holder. This paw-ticular one is metal carved with incredible craftsmanship and makes for a very classy yet adorable decorative element to any space. It comes highly recommended and it's reasonably priced. You can get your paws on one here on Amazon.

It pairs rather nicely with the cat-butt shaped wine stopper, if I do say so myself.

Wanted: Schrodinger's Cat Magnet

This 2x3 magnet appeals to a paw-ticular type of humor, but there's a high chance you or someone you know will get a huge kick out of it. Grab one here!

Cats for Gardens

If there's anything I've learned from lurking all the cat subreddits, it's that cats and plants go hand-in-hand, except not exactly hand-in-hand because cats like to dig up the dirt and eat houseplants. Get the best of both worlds with these cute, decorative cats! Cattify your plants by grabbing this 6 pack on Amazon.

Cat Beer Mug

Not all crazy cat people drink wine, some of you drink beer and you deserve the purr-fect mug to drink it out of. Check out this quality, glass mug that reminds you how you're never drinking alone when your cat is home with you. Available here on Amazon.

Tooarts Small Cat Desk Clock

Designed to appeal to a vintage aesthetic, this small, sculpted desk clock looks like an adorable cat. This cute clock puts the fun in functional and you can get one here right meow!

LED Nightlight - Pusheen

This amazing LED nightlight just might be the nightlight to end all nightlights. Why? Because cats, of course. It comes in the cutest shape (aka "celebrity cat,") and it's equipped with both a warm white light mode and SEVEN color "breathing" modes." You can gently tap the cat to change modes. The soft cover is made with BPA-free silicone and is easily washed. This adorable light also comes equipped with a 1200mAh lithium battery and it supports portable usage for up to a whopping 15 hours on full charge! Grab yours here on Amazon.

Handmade, Felt Cat Shaped Bookmark

This handmade bookmark is sewn from natural felt fabric and filled with holofiber, then it is embroidered with floss threads. The kitten also has a beautiful checkered ribbon, making that much cuter of a unique and adorable product. Everyone who loves cats and books needs one and you can get them here on Amazon.

Wood Carved Cat Shaped Glasses Holder

Keep your glasses safe and propped nearby when you're not wearing them with this 100% hand carved & painted with natural solid wood glasses holder in the shape of an adorable cat. The cuteness can be found here.

Ceramic Cat Mug

Can your warm beverage of choice get any cuter? This whimsical design features a precious puss-puss face and a cat-themed spoon as well. It can hold up to 16oz and is both microwave and dishwasher safe. You can get them here on Amazon.

Sterling Silver Cat Necklace by S. Leaf

This nickel-free necklaces is made from solid 925 sterling silver and features an adorable, little kitty. It's the purr-fect way to keep it classy while you rock your crazy cat person lifestyle out and proud. You can get them here.

Cat Shaped Spice Grinders

Pawsitively PURRfect for salt and pepper. Your kitchen needs these. Get them here.

Kitty Paw Print Socks

Excuse me, the bottoms of the toes have pink paw prints... these socks have toe beans. This four pack comes with 4 colors that celebrate different beloved kitty fur patterns. Available here.

Pop Up Post-It Holder

Your desk is boring. Brighten it up with this pop up post-it holder that comes in the cutest shape ever, you guessed it: a cat. Available right here right meow.

Cozy Kitty Slippers

These slippers are purr-fect for achieving maximum comfort and you can choose from TWELVE color options, each one as exquisite and lovely as the other. Check them out right here, you won't regret it.

Pusheen Backpack

This Isaac Morris Pusheen backpack is made from top quality materials and is available in 4 pawsitively adorable color options. Available here on Amazon.

Laptop Cover Bag

Covered in kitties, that's the proper way to keep your electronics safe. Protect your laptop with this pink, cat-printed cover. Available here.

Devoted To Cats Mug

"When someone says they hate cats," you go on the defence or offence? This adorable mug might be the right fit for your purrsonality. Grab them here!

Over the Door Cat Hooks

This metal, cat-shaped hook mount fits on almost any standard door and is purr-fect for hanging up everything from coats to keys. Available Here.

Kitty Teaspoons

Whatever you've been stirring your tea with is subpar compared to these cat teaspoons. They can be used all sorts of nifty ways and they're super affordable! Available on Amazon in a 4 pack.

Cat Pillows

Available in 3 adorable prints, these 3D cat pillows can fit into more casual decor or add a delightful dash to a more conservative room, too. Anyone who loves cats would fancy cuddling one of these pillows. You can check them out and grab one or even all 3 here.

Cat Shaped Pencil Case

This insanely adorable cat shaped pencil holder can hold up to 15 pens or pencils, it comes in 2 sizes and 2 color options and is available right meow on Amazon.

When did you realize you were a crazy cat purrson? Let us know in the comments what you think of these cattastic items and don't forget to share with all the cat crazed folks in your life.

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