Adorable Photos of Cats in Doll Beds Donated by IKEA

Cats are one of the most consistently searched things on the internet, so much that they are almost the mascot of the internet. From Nyan cat and Grumpy cat to 'lol' cats and Keyboard Cat, cats are everywhere.

They are most highly searched in New Zealand, United Kingdom, Australia, United States and (the setting of this article) Canada. People even go to cafes around the world to specifically pat cats.

The following images are of some absolutely adorable cats from Ontario, Canada sleeping in doll beds donated to their shelter by IKEA. They are purrr-fect.

These cats from the Etobicoke animal shelter are adorable.

Happy to not be sleeping on the floor anymore.

This is Catsby. He seems to like his new bed.

Here is the bed in question.

naww, so cute.

Check out more pictures at the Etobicoke Humane Society Facebook Page

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