These Double Trouble Cats Are So Adorable You HAVE to See Them!

Two Cornish Rex Cats from Finland are currently all the buzz as far as cats on the Internet are concerned. Which, if you know anything about the Internet, it's that it is 80% cats so this is a pretty  big deal. Mäyrä-Kaarlo and Mauno Muikkunen are twin, white Cornish Rex Cats with vibrant yellow eyes and spunky attitudes. Cornish Rex Cats are a domesticated cat breed famous for their iconic look. Their fur is curly, which is unique and unusual in the cat world, and their ears are HUGE. Truly, not all cats are created equal. Just like different dog personalities and energy levels are better suited to different human owners, cats are really no different and this breed really proves that theory. These cats are known for being high energy and playful, along with creatively mischievous.

This famous pair's owner says that his cats are no exception. Mäyrä-Kaarlo is known to be stubborn and Mauno, although deaf, really keep him on his toes. What really brings this dynamic duo into the limelight are how brilliantly they are captured in photos blowing up Instagram. These two cats are sure to give you two huge reasons to smile today, just take a look at how incredibly adorable they are!

1. This is a stunning image

I'd want these cats in my wedding, too.

2. I did say double trouble, right?

These two just look like they have more spunk and attitude than most humans!

3. Yes, I am cat.

This one just cracks me up.

4. Bashful

Yet still spunky.

5. Leap of faith

I wonder how often they leap to mischief.

6. Two of a kind

Twins may look the same but these cats display their uniquely different personalities well on camera.

7. Lick

You know this is totally adorable

8. What the cute!?

I've never seen a cat do this with their tail but I think I'm in love.

9. He's got ink!

Perfectly captured.

10. Curly kitty fur

This simple photo is really aesthetically pleasing to look at.

11. Toe beans!

Precious pink paws!

12. Unicorns are real

The attitude here is fabulous.

13. Curly naps

This looks like snuggle city.

14. What a couple of nerds.

The absolute best kind of nerds, ever.

15. A day in the life of...

Can we just keep these cats forever?

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