Adorable Pictures of Kittens That Will Definitely Melt Your Heart

Kittens are hands down one of the best things this world can offer, the level of cuteness that a kitten represents cannot be found anywhere else unless you add a baby to the mix and make them interact with each other.

If you're ever feeling down or having a bad day, just sit down and look up some kitten pictures, they'll definitely calm you down and make you feel much better, here are a couple of them.

1. When you first get to heaven they give you a box like this one

2. Hungry little kitten getting fed with a spoon

3. Waiting impatiently for her human to come back home

4. A doggo protecting his little kitten

5. Such a photogenic little kitty

6. This little fluffy kitten loves to sit inside shoes

7. Bow tie kitten is ready to steal your girl

8. This fluffy white kitten loves milk and croissants

9. Awh they're napping together

10. "Why isn't she paying attention to me, am I not cute anymore"

11. She can barely even walk

12. Cuteness overload!!!

13. She's protecting him and making him feel safe

14. Happy birthday little kittens

15. The little kitten princess

16. Worried kitten is worried

Kittens are adorable but the novelty might wear off once they're adult cats. After all, grown cats simply like to sit around and sleep all day long. But if you add some catnip to the mix, you may get some startling results.

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