Cat Moods That All Cat Lovers Know Too Well

Do you ever catch yourself staring at your cat and your cat is staring back at you and you start thinking to yourself, "what is my cat thinking about?" It is actually quite normal as a lot of people do it because they want to know what their cat is thinking.

Is your cat moody, excited, happy, grumpy or even just annoyed? It's difficult to know and sometimes their tail can tell you what they are feeling but unless someone develops a talking collar for cats we won't ever really know what they are thinking about or what they want to say to us.

But today we have something that might bring you a bit closer to the truth! Lisa Swerling & Ralph Lazar, New York Times bestselling authors started a new illustration story called Tess and Lion.

They use this story to illustrate the different cat moods to cat owners and it's quite fascinating.

All the different moods you can expect from cats

Chilled and relaxed

Ecstatic and delighted

Happy and super happy

Content and pleased

Hmm what's this? and inquisitive

Interested and worried

Surprised and curious

Unsure and potentially aggressive

Friendly and unfriendly

Not really impressed and unsure but friendly

Friendly and defensive

Amicable and derisive

Ninja! and I'm outta here!

Accomplished and Uh oh!

Scratch and attack

Horror and beware

"Badass, don't mess with me!"


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