A Bunch Of Times Cats Showed Dogs That They Were The Boss

Despite the fact they are often smaller than their doggy friends (please note the ironic use of the word "friends") cats often seem to manage to become the alpha pet anyway. The huge ego that cats sometimes possess must make them seem much bigger than their physical size to their dog-inferiors. It's impressive, really.

Cats are rarely shy about displaying the dominance over dogs; from stealing their bed, to stealing their food, to blocking their pathway to both--cats really know how to have it all! This post is some of the best times cats has asserted their dominance over dogs and looked adorable doing it!

This cat watched a little too much contact sport and has decided to practise its moves on the dog!

This little Asshole tackled the dog from r/CatsAreAssholes

Gang violence is a serious problem

This gang violence has to stop. from r/aww

This cat accidentally(?) mistook the dog's food for its litter box

There goes the dog food... from r/CatsAreAssholes

This cat who preferred the luxurious space of the dog's bed.

The cat is alpha in this house. from r/stolendogbeds

There isn't really an excuse for attempted murder...

When your cat tries to drown your dog from r/CatsAreAssholes

This genius cat who sits on top of the dog food so he gets fed first

Sam will sit on top of the dog’s food container, forcing me to feed him first from r/CatsAreAssholes

This cat seems pretty pleased with its new dog inferior.

i own you, you hairy beast minion

When choosing territory: stairs are an excellent choice

My dog is stuck because the cat knows she controls the stairs. from r/AnimalsBeingJerks

This dog who has to wait for the cat to finish eating

She makes the dog wait to eat from r/CatsAreAssholes

What a display of dominance!

This cat is less than pleased with its new living situation

I am dog sitting for the weekend and my cat is not thrilled. from r/AnimalsBeingJerks

What a helpful cat! Trying to help out its owners and take the dog for a walk!

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