Narnia The Two-Faced Cat Looks So Extraordinary Some People Think It's Photoshop

The Internet offers no shortage of cute cats, and each sweet kitty deserves to be celebrated for all that is wonderful about them. If you haven't come across The Amazing Narnia before today, you're really in for a treat.

This double-faced cat from France is exceptionally beautiful with a sweet purrsonality, and he is genuinely, bona-fide unique.

Narnia is one of a kind and at almost 3 years old, he has been delighting followers and fans on his Instagram account and his Facebook page with the help of his human companions who clearly love and adore their cats with their whole hearts.

Hello Narnia!

Recently, we reached out to Narnia and his family on Instagram and got to know him a little better. Today, we are totally excited to share more about this wonderful cat!

Narnia's family breeds British Shorthair and British Longhair cats, his momma loves and cares for a small family of cats and that includes Narnia who was born to them! They told us:

I am British shorthair cat breeder, Narnia was born at home.

According to his family, Narnia's birthday is March 28. In 2020 he will be 3 years old!

And when I say that Narnia is unique, I really mean it! His mum told me:

Narnia is the only black and blue double-faced male in the world. 

"There is no ordinary cat."

"Today is raining. I hate the rain."

Fans often request pictures of Narnia in all his glory, body included. So his family occasionally obliges with stunning photos like this.

We asked about Narnia's playful side, because who doesn't love to hear about how playful cats are?

Narnia looks me in the eyes, then he meows, then he rolls on the ground so that I caress him ;)

Across the photo gallery on his Instagram splashes of vibrant colors set for the purrfect backdrops and accessories for displaying Narnia in his glory. He is truly a beautiful cat and his family knows how to emphasize his beauty!

Narna's family is also seriously precious.

His family is also no stranger to accusations that Narnia's striking good looks are photoshopped, but his hopping YouTube channel is filled with brief, purr-fectly precious videos which make it obvious that Narnia is simply as beautiful as your wildest dreams!

There is no need to doubt his uniqueness, his family has looked into it:

We have long believed that he was a pipe dream. But Narnia has only one DNA. Geneticists cannot explain why it is this color. because normally a cat cannot be black and blue (gray) at the same time.
Narnia loves toys with catnip in it.

British Shorthair cats are known to be healthy cats, although they are sometimes prone to obesity, and they do come in a "bevvy" of colors.

While all BSH have unique features that often lead them to stand out, no one is quite as unique as Narnia.

BSH are considered one of the oldest cat breeds.

"Little hug with my darling Bella."

BSH are excellent family cats!

"Just me, myself, and I."

"It's complicated to be a father."

And today, The Amazing Narnia has quite the following on Instagram! Almost 230,000 accounts are keeping tabs on this precious puss. The humor and sincerity behind his account definitely earns his adoration, his cute face is just the cherry on top.

Don't forget to check out The Amazing Narnia on Instagram, that's the only place you'll see his kitten photos (and trust me, you want to see them!) Let us know what you think of Narnia in the comment section right meow.

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