10+ Photos Of Cats That Will Warm Your Heart

If you've ever in your life been blessed with the company of a family pet i'm sure you know just how much a furry, cuddly little creature can warm even the coldest of stormy winter nights.

They're friends like you've never known elsewhere, you can't talk to them, and sure they might wake you up by vomiting on the carpet every once in a while but they're great companions, listeners, and will always be around for a snuggle when you need it.

The following is a list of photos specifically dedicated to wonderful, lovable, sometimes annoying, cats! We love cats, and even though they'll never admit it, they love us too.

1. Meet Jack, he hates baths, but loves sitting in his towel.

2. This should be everyone's preferred way to watch movies

3. β€œI fed this stray kitten that was in my back yard yesterday. Today I came downstairs to this.” Well, you have a cat now!

4. Everyone needs a decent massage once in a while

5. When the human makes a whole house just for you >>>

6. β€œI was about to fold towels when this little girl decided to jump into the dryer. I spun the drum to try and make her leave and this was the result.”

7. High five? Belly rubs? Anything?

8. Who doesn't love Bob Ross?

9. He is beauty, he is grace

10. Once a friend, always a friend!

11. Now this is a true sibling photograph

12. β€œThe only family member to come and greet me at the door after 11 hours of class.”

13. On Wednesdays we wear pink.

14. Thinking of getting a new pet? Forget it! Cats are multi purpose!

15. Some things just never change...

16. Blep + Foot = Best Boy

17. Dinner plate eyes indicate adorable levels of danger

18. Rest? Play? Why not both?

19. "It’s hard to believe, but this is a living cat. His name is Bandit and he turned 25 years old on December 7th, 2018!"

20. Purrito anybody??

21. How does a freeloading stray end up in your bed? Having a face like that one, that's how.

22. β€œBeen feeding this stray cat for a little under a year. Thought she was getting fat. Turns out she had 3 kittens and brought them to me.”

23. A new friend arrived at the barn this morning

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