Feisty Looking Cats Who Are Displeased With Their Humans Ways

We love how cats are notoriously feisty, it's all a vital part of the cat life. The sass, the grumps, the looks they give that remind you how much audacity they're shocked you have... all of that is not a problem for us.

They have either brainwashed us into compliance or we are just smart enough to be giddy and delight in our furry overlords.

But maybe recently you've wondered if it's truly a universal experience for cats to be, well, catty? Fret no further, we've found recent evidence that substantially proves it's a cat-tastic quality to have spunk.

1. A face of anger and betrayal.

2. Bribe him with chicken.

3. Prepare for vengeance.

4. "Hooman, I am not amused."

5. Well, what did you do that for?

6. Waking cats up is not nice.

7. Well, I agree.

8. Relatable

9. For now.

10. Oh come on, you knew the price of cat companionship might include appendages going numb.

11. She just knows what she wants.

12. Very ANGY

13. A worthy sacrifice.

14. Truly, an atrocity.

15. She's not feeling very talkative.

16. Fierce.

17. A reasonable response.

18. he protec

19. We've all been this angry before.

20. "You'll regret this."

Not to be dramatic but I love you, Furious Maud.

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