Cats On Catnip Fans Share Photos And Stories Of Their Angry Cats

Recently, Cats on Catnip shared a hilarious photo of a very angry puss. The cat was sitting in her "outrage box," as a coping mechanism for her feline fury. Cats are such diverse and unique creatures, cram-packed with purr-sonality, which is a hug factor in why us humans are so very fond of them!

Naturally, this turned out to be the purr-fect opportunity for fans to share their own tails, I mean tales, of their furry, feline friends and how they handle their own cases of outrage, anger, and disdain. It's undeniable that one of the things to truly unite us all is sharing stories and photos of our cats. Isn't that wonderful?

The photo that started it all.

Such an angry looking pussycat.

1. The responses poured in.

"Feline Frustration Pad." Don't we all relate in some way?

2. To the murder pad!

Off goes Vlad.

3. Hooman, go away.

"I'm busy in my outrage box."

4. Don't be fooled!

This precious puss is preoccupied being angry.

5. The Box of Woe

Brilliant, don't you think?

6. Inspirational!

Do all cats need an outrage box? Purr-haps.

7. Different strokes for different folks!

Some cats are more creative!

8. Run and Attack!

Cats are always up for surprising us!

9. Isn't this the truth?

Some cats don't need a special spot, the whole house is their outrage box.

10. Destruction Town

Yet you cannot stay mad at face like this.

11. Caught in the act.

Pure and utter box destruction.

12. Outrage bag

A purr-fect hiding spot and place to sulk in doom and gloom.

13. A revelation!

Realizing so many our cats experience outrage and do so in their preferred spot is uniting us all.

14. Angry Glares

Don't worry, your cat can glare at you from anywhere.

15. Last but certainly not least...

On fan shared a glorious video of their kitty in action. Watch the raw power of doom and destruction. Cats rule!

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