Dogs And Cats Are Trying To Destroy Christmas One Step At a Time

Ah, decorating the Christmas tree. Such a wonderful event. The family gets together, place the decorations, the Christmas lights. You can feel the holiday spirit in the air.

Well, these animals obviously can't. And they did their best to destroy those annoying trees, lights and the decorations.

To be fair, some animals like them, and that explains all those pets trapped inside the Christmas trees.

Are they jealous of the attention this big green thing gets? We can't say for certain. We can only say that the photos are hilarious. We only wonder if the owners were so amused when these incidents happened. What was their first reaction?

#1 It wasn’t me. The tree was knocked down by a draft.

#2 There was a mouse in the tree.

#3 She couldn’t wait to open the presents.

#4 This will teach that tree not to mess with me.

#5 The dog followed the cat up the tree.

#6 Mmmm. Candy.

#7 I am the king of the tree!!!

#8 It was like that when I got here.

#9 And it was tasty.

#10 One of the tree decorations is a little bit odd.

#11 Yummy.

#12 We are helping with the decoration.

#13 The tree-topper was a little bit off. I had to fix it.

#14 These cats are pretending like nothing happened.

#15 Catzilla eats Xmas-town

#16 It was in my way.

#17 Thanks, a great place to take a nap.

#18 Good Night!

#19 Do you really need these lights?

#20 I don’t like these decorations. I will take them off.

#21 White Christmas.

#22 Christmas tree angel.

#23 This looks tasty.

#24 A giant cat destroys the Nativity Scene.

#25 Opening the presents is my favorite thing about Christmas.

#26 I like the blue lights.

#27 Get me out of here.

#28 I love Christmas!

#29 Oh! poor tree, are you all right?

#30 This cat looks like a mechanic under a car.

If you have similar photos to share and enjoy the Christmas spirit with these proud pet owners, we would be happy to see them in the comment section.

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