Cat Lover Creates a Fake Tree For Cats And It Looks Incredible and Realistic

Rob Rogalski is a master of both sculpture and illustration. On many occasions, he's created tree sculptures (both permanent and temporary) which doubled as shelves, props, reading nooks, and even cat towers. Over the course of a summer, Rob designed and built a whimsical fake tree/cat tower in a friend's house; can I just say that all his tree sculptures look stunning?

This cat looks so comfortable in the tree, which is totally understandable. This durable and unbelievably impressive installation is starting to make me wish I had one in my house. (Or I could become the cat. That works too.)

This is some seriously impressive work.

They're sitting there like the king of the household.

It's like Alice In Wonderland all over again!

The process looks tedious but the outcome is so worth it.

Here's another example of Robert's work, which is a shelf for a girl's bedroom.

So much work must go into creating one of these; he has all my respect.

He is currently taking commissions in case you'd also like a tree installed in your home!

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