Cat Loving Artist Combines Cats with Marvel Into Hilarious Creations

Thailand based artist Neung created a Facebook page called "Spidey Adventure," that has quickly gained popularity among both the superhero fans and cat fanatics. It's not an unheard of concept, not too long ago and artist created the Catvengers, which was an utterly delightful artistic combination. Now, Neung's art of combining "Baby Spiderman" and cats into digitally altered images has gained momentum for all the right reasons, his talent being among them.

The images he creates, alters, and shares chronicle the daily adventures of Spiderman, an adorable Spiderman, with cats. When asked where the idea came from (that has now gained him nearly 300,000 followers,) he replied: "I like to collect all things Spider-Man, especially action figures. I also love animals. I think both are cute, so combining them was a no-brainer in my head. They make for an amazing combo."

1. Spider Cat Man

Superheroes and cats both have their own special niche in pop culture, so truly when the two paths cross it's bound to be epic.

2. Guest Appearance by: Black Panther

It's only fitting Black Panther make an appearance.

3. Nap Time

Artist Neung is a huge Spiderman fan, he has been collecting action figures and dolls of the iconic superhero since 2002.

4. Faces

One of the reasons Spiderman is so beloved is because of his snarky personality, something he clearly as in common with cats.

5. Tug A Love

In an interview with Bored Panda, Neung said:

I love Spiderman because he is a unique hero. His virtue is a good example. The first movie that made me fall in love with the hero was Spiderman 2002, played by Tobey Maguire. After watching this movie, I loved it and started collecting everything that was his.

6. But first, a selfie.

Today, Neung has collected hundreds of Spiderman dolls and figures.

7. Running is apart of the hero stuff.

Neung is also a huge fan of cats, which makes purr-fect sense because cats are the best.

8. The Doctor is in.

And Neun's love of animals was something he wanted to convey alongside his love of Spiderman when he made his Facebook page. He said:

I'm a lover of cats and dogs too, so I put these two things together and I convey them here on this page.

9. Toothless? Toothless.

I'm sure it helps that Neung is also a talented photographer, another passion of his.

10. Bunny-riffic.

Neung credits the 2002 Spiderman movie with the inspiration for his project and page, saying:

I was impressed with the move. I absolutely adore Tobey Maguire, I think he’s cool, nice, and selfless person and a good actor, certainly the best Spider-Man.

11. Big Hugs

Neung pulls all the knobs, pushes all the buttons, and does all things that can make fans of superheroes and cats both smile.

12. Adventure

Matching costumes, "selfies," and guest appearances, he includes it all in the journey he shares via his page.

13. Ride 'Em

Neung is definitely a creative artist.

14. Beach Day

Even if you aren't a fan of Spiderman, it's easy to enjoy his work.

15. Selfie Squad

He captures the little details that make us who we are and reinvents them with creativity.

16. What a day!

And if you follow him long enough, here on his Facebook page, you can clearly see his personality shine through and it's quite endearing.

17. Onward, Majestic Beast.

There is little denying that Neung must have a genuine personality.

18. Big Hugs

Being a cat in his life must be quite a bit of fun!

19. Cuddle Puddle

Gosh, we sure love cats.

20. Tiny Rider

21. Tee-Hee

Okay, sometimes his humor is a little off-color.

22. Is this John Wick - Spiderman - Cats? I think so.

But we can forgive him because he gives us gems like this.

23. Unamused

Plus, Spiderman was pretty tongue and cheek himself.

24. Musical Buddies

25. Comforting My Friend

26. "It will be okay, pal."

27. Total Chaos in 3, 2, 1...

28. Snuggle Me

29. Chillin'

30. Purrfection

What do you think of Spidey Adventures? Don't forget to share with your Spiderman and cat loving friends!

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