The Internet Is Losing It's Mind Over This Cat That Looks Just Like Baby Yoda

When Jana Aviles, a vet tech in North Carolina shared photos of a peculiar cat that had visited the clinic she worked at, she knew that people would be delighted to see the adorable feline. However, just how far her post would go was something she definitely could not have anticipated.

The stray cat found in North Carolina was brought to the clinic Aviles worked at by a local rescue organization and Aviles quickly noticed the cat looked an awful lot like a very, very popular pop culture character currently taking over the Internet: Baby Yoda. While it's pawsible the stray cat could also be mistaken for Harry Potter's Dobby the House Elf or even the ever popular 80's horror-comedy character: a gremlin, there really is no denying the cat's likeness to Baby Yoda is valid as heck!

Within a mere few days of sharing the adorable photos of the cat, Aviles was stunned to see that hundreds upon hundreds of people from all over the United States had literally fallen in love with the cat. The oddly positioned ears and preciously short stature was so reminiscent of the Baby Yoda we've all come to obsess over, it shouldn't be that big of a surprise but it definitely was.

The photos of the stray cat show a precious puss covered in dirt and scabs in her intake photos, and Aviles was clear to emphasize she was at the clinic for much needed medical care.

Then, she used the unexpected reach to share an important message about pet adoption.

As the post blew up, Aviles had to update her post multiple times, ensuring that people knew there is only one "Baby Yoda Cat," but millions of other cats need a home right now. Not only that, but Aviles needed people to know she was not the one to facilitate the potential future adoption of the "Baby Yoda Cat" in the first place.

Aviles shared a delightful collection of photos of the "Baby Yoda Cat."


I'm swooning, y'all.

Those big green eyes!

Her face totally says, "love me, you will."

But she needs medical care and TLC before she will be ready for her forever home.

However, it's worth noting that "Baby Yoda Cat" is not the first cat to appear similar to pop culture characters and then quickly be adopted because of it.

In 2016, a pawsitively adorable Oriental Shorthair was adopted in no time after being compared to Adam Driver, whose name you might recognize as the fella who plays Kylo Ren in the latest run of Star Wars sequels.

We think the cat looks like Baby Yoda but it's hard not to see how she could also pass for Dobby from Harry Potter.

Aviles was right to use this opportunity that while unique, one of a kind cats are super cool, there are countless cats in all of our communities who also need and deserve homes regardless of their ability to garner Instagram fame.

Folks chimed in with lots of adoring words about the stray.

A whole litter sounds like a ream come true (but please spay and neuter your cats.)

People are legitimately super-duper obsessed with Baby Yoda, there are already TONS of tattoos of the Mandalorian's The Child.

Dobby is a good HOUSE CAT

Don't forget about Gizmo, because Gremlins are cool, too. Super cool.

Thank you, Kelly. You're so right!

I think Linda shares our sentiments of hope that Baby Yoda Cat finds the best home.

Squeal with delight, of course.

We can't imagine what she's been through to arrive in this state, but she is definitely in good hands now.

So precious.

Would you cross the pond for Baby Yoda Cat? I don't mean to be dramatic but I would.

What do you think of Baby Yoda Cat? Let us know in the comment section now! Don't forget to share, we all know someone who loves cats and Baby Yoda.

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