Photographic Proof That The Best Babysitter For Your Cat Is A Professional Photographer

Sometimes, despite our protest (and theirs,) we have to temporarily leave our cats behind. Not permanently, that's not what we're talking about. A business trip or vacation... the sort of thing that warrants a proper babysitter for your precious fur-baby. Such was the case for Miranda McDonald, who realized she had a task that she could not take her cat Jade with her on. So, she did what any reasonable cat parent would do and asked a friend to watch over Jade!

What Miranda didn't realize, was that by asking her friend Josell Mariano to babysit, that she would come back to some of the most incredible photos ever taken of Jade. Josell, a professional photographer, saw a model in Jade and couldn't help himself. The end result has us all purring with delight!

Jade is an exquisite (and I do mean exquisite,) blue tabby cat.

In an interview with Bored Panda, Mariano said:

My friend is a photographer for musical artists and was on tour for 2 months for Julia Micheals and Bea Miller so I had Jade all that time.

Jade's purr-sonality proved irresistible to Mariano:

[She] is super sweet! Every morning, she jumps on the bed for pets and cuddles, and same at night when we go to sleep. The rest of the day, she follows me from room to room, usually finding a sunbeam to sleep in. Things she gets scared of are loud noises, soft noises, sudden movements, slow movements.

Mariano is fond of paw-friends, though at his own he has an 8-year old black Labrador retriever, he was excited to spend time with the grey cat:

I love cats! Love animals in general, but cats are cool because they just feel like a furry roommate (and much cuter). They generally take care of themselves, but are still down to keep you company while you watch TV or something.

Mariano is no stranger to either side of the camera, since he is both a photographer and an actor. He was happy to share the tools used to capture such incredible photos of Jade:

I used a 6Dmk2 with an f/2.8 24-70LII, and an f/1.4 50mm. Lighting is an Einstein strobe with a 24-inch beauty dish.

However, us cat lovers know that none of this magic would have been possible if Jade wasn't so awesome to work with, and Mariano knew that, too!

Jade was a better model than I thought but was still super wiggly,” Mariano added. β€œShe was distracted by treats and her favorite toy (which is a broken string on a stick).

Jade is young, 3-years old, and was adopted by Miranda from the San Diego Humane Society, according to her Instagram.

She's also been a fan of the camera since she was 9 weeks old and her photos have gained enough popularity for Jade to be set up to be an Instagram sensation herself! Although as of press time, Jade only had a little over 1,600 followers on Instagram, she's so beautiful and such a great cat-model, it's hard to imagine she won't continue to gain support from adoring fans.

Naturally, the Internet responded with the sort of enthusiasm we've come to know and expect.

One person on Reddit even glamorized the best picture, much to our delight.

On Facebook, people who saw Jade's photos had nothing but compliments to offer.

I'm pretty sure all of us with cats right now are wishing we could have similar photos of our cats that Miranda now has of Jade!

And we love the idea of such incredible work from Josell being featured with other shelter cats, as we've found in the past that great photos of adoptable pets does a great job of getting them adopted!

The fabulous photos of the furry feline also were not appreciated without a dose of humor, as well. Because that's what the Internet does, and we can't really argue with these imgur users... these photos are equally funny and breathtaking.

Honestly, we cannot wait to see more about Jade.

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