Cats on Catnip Fans Expose Their Cat's Worst Habits

As cat lovers and caretakers (or servants, depending on your purr-spective,) we have a responsibility to hold our cats in the highest regards: the purr-fect creature, the purr-fect specimen, and the purr-fect species. Our cats are the center of our world, if not the center of our entire universe. It's not an intentional choice, it's just the way it is.

With that being taken into sincere consideration, we all know just as well that our cats have their own fair share of bad habits. Whether it's pooping where they shouldn't, biting when we least expect it, or accidentally tackling us as we walk... our perfect, little fluff balls are not completely immune to being naughty. Of course, that's just all apart of why we love them so much.

Recently, we asked the fans of Cats on Catnip to drop the dirty details of their cats' worst habits and believe me, they delivered.

1. The Big Bully

Some cats just want to watch the world burn.

2. Wake-up, hooman!

Kitty gets what kitty wants. Always.

3. You've got to be kitten me!

Urine a lot of trouble, mister.

4. I'm sure there's a logical explanation for this.

She wants you to appreciate her butt artwork.

5. Open Sesame!

This is actually an impressive talent.

6. The Shredder

A classic cat move of destruction.

7. This is what happens when your cat watches to much wrestling.

Talk to your cats about wrestling.

8. Creative Cat

Gizmo is full of wild ideas.

9. This looks like a nice place to sit, I'll sit here.

That is not how a restful night works for humans.

10. Oh... oh, no.

This is a first.

11. "Look ma, I made my own toys!"

I am a mixture of amused, disgusted, and impressed.

12. Five Cats = Five Unique Bad Habits

That's a lot to work with.

13. The Ol' Bite-N-Lick Routine

Love bites.

14. Harry is purr-fect.

A whole lot to say but no complaints.

15. Prime realestate.

This is a bad way to sunbathe.

16. No caption necessary.

Is this cat an alcoholic? We can only hope not.

17. Mess Makers

Pro-tip: Keep your spices far away from your kittens.

18. Humping!

This is usually what we see in dogs, but I guess some cats just like to be fun.

19. This is horrifying.

If this were a child, we'd put them in therapy.

20. Trickster!

At home, she's a nightmare. In public, he's an angel. Sounds like a cat to me!

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