This Cat Is Known For Its Ballerina Skills And Dances Like Nobody Is Watching

Have you ever wanted to install cameras in your house so you can see what your cat does during the day while you are at work? I'm sure you have because we all want to know what our kitties are up to and if they are destroying any of our precious items.

Truth be told, most of them just hang around, take naps and think about that bird or mouse that they want to catch so badly to show us what a fierce hunter they are. But there are cats out there that don't do normal cat things, like ballet.

Yes, you read that right, this cat does ballet when it's not taking naps and it's truly something you need to see to believe. So, scroll down and have a look at this magnificent ballet kitty doing her thing! 

Doing that thing where ballerinas dance with their hands above their heads.

Dancing in circles is fun

Wow, what a move!

Get it girl!

Look at that footwork!

Doing that Thriller dance move


Maybe sitting down is part of ballet now?

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