These 18 Before-And-After Photos Of Rescued Cats Are The Best Proof That Adoption Is A Wonderful Thing To Do

Rescuing any animal of the street is a wonderful act of kindness. And most often, the rescuers are rewarded by the most affectionate pet they could’ve ever imagined. Even though they do not ask for any prize or acknowledgment, we know they have earned it.

This article is devoted to the real-life heroes who rescue these poor animals and give them a loving home. Pictures can’t really represent all the good work they have done, but they can give you an idea of how much the poor animals’ life has changed. Once sick and neglected stray cats are now thriving in their new environment.

We hope it will inspire you to adopt a pet yourself.

1. This cat found the best bed in the world.

2. New home is much safer than the previous one.

3. A true party animal.

4. Ooh la la.

5. Sleeping in the plastic container is just a bad memory now.

6. Adopting an older cat is always a great option.

7. He had many health issues when they found him.

8. All you need is love.

9. The change is amazing. A snowflake in disguise.

10. It’s really hard to believe that we are looking at the same cat.

11. This cat was lucky.

12. When fostering lasts longer than expected.

13. And now they are five times puffier.

14. Pure black. Wonderful.

15. He isn’t a quitter.

16. There is still some sadness in his eyes. Who knows what this poor cat has been through.

17. Brotherly love.

18. Now he is a big cat with a big personality.

Did you adopt your kitty?

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