Belarus The Cross-Eyed Cat Is Using His Unique Features To Help Animals In Need

We talk a lot about how every cat is special but we also know that a special needs cat is a little different. Over the last few decades that the Internet has boomed, we've seen a rise in caring for cats in need.

Cats that in many circumstances may not have been given a chance at life. However, with the powers awarded to social media users, a special needs cat can get the forever home if their dreams and raise awareness to how wonderful special needs cats can be. Lil Bub was an amazing philanthropist, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for pets in need.

Today, other humans with the means to care for special cats are choosing to do so and encouraging others how they can so their part. Fundraising for shelters, pet adoption promotions, and sharing the joy that special needs and elderly cats have to offer that otherwise may have not been highlighted.


This sweet and silly, cross-eyed kitty is Belarus. When he was put up for adoption, his photo went completely viral! Now his human Rachel is sharing the love and Belarus's precious face is continuing to do the good work that adoption shelters do for pets in need!

Feeling a tad obsessed with Belarus's adorable face, we reached out to get to know him better and learn more about his story!

Belarus is a growing boy, and still has many, many years ahead of him. Rachel told us:

We believe he's about 2.5 (going on 3) years old. He was adopted from San Francisco Animal Care & Control at age 1.

How did their life together begin? Adoption!

I adopted him from SFACC. I had been following their Instagram and fell in love with him at first sight! I had to move meetings around to try to meet him and was lucky enough to be selected as his adopter.

Rachel continued:

His adoption photo got over 500K hits on Facebook and people were reaching out from all over the country (and world.)
Since adoption, we've continued to work with his shelter and donated $4000 to them last year (2019) through various fundraising campaigns. 

It is believed that Belarus is a nebelung, a rare pedigree breed of cat and although his cross-eyed appearance is impawsible not to notice, they're not sure why he is cross-eyes, only that it does not appear to impair his vision in any way.

And while they're not sure exactly what caused his cross-eyed appearance, Rachel has gone above and beyond to learn as much as possible. She even partnered with Dr. Travis Strong to learn and share more about strabismus, which is the medical term for the eye condition he has. 

Dr. Travis is a traveling veterinarian dedicated to helping rescue animals who specializes in ophthalmology.

Don't worry, strabismus might be a fancy word but the condition isn't dangerous to sweet Belarus. Rachel said:

It just means that the muscles that hold his eyes in place may have an abnormal position or be damaged, causing the gaze to be displaced. This condition doesn’t cause pain and hasn’t impacted his day-to-day!
"He is a very active and extremely curious cat."
He loves to play with balls, twist ties, and almost any other small object he can get his paws on. 

Of course we also asked what his favorite toy is and Rachel said:

Balls! He absolutely loves juggling balls (mostly under the sofa.) Also, he loves twist ties! 

When Rachel found Belarus she had been searching 3 years for the purr-fect pet by following rescue organizations on social media platforms.

Sacramento animal photographer, Josh Norem took the photo that led to their brilliant connection.

At his first vet visit with Rachel, she learned that in his past life Belarus had also broken his tail in two places! Thankfully, it doesn't cause him any pain.

It's been almost 2 years since Rachel and Belarus joined forces and he is bursting with brilliant purrsonality, she told us:

He loves knocking things off of the sink while I'm in the shower. He also loves exploring EVERYTHING and squeezing inside the smallest corners and crannies he can find.

She added:

He is also known to enter the shower if he can, even when the water is on. 
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Since his adoption, Belarus and Rachel together have continued to host fundraisers and give back to other cats still in need of their forever home.

He's even had his portrait taken by professional cat photographer Erica Danger!

We are so glad this dynamic duo found each other and love how they're continuing to help make sure every cat gets their forever home!

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