20 Kitty Cat Blep Moments To End 2019 With A Happiness Overload

We love cats, and that's a fact. What is it about them that makes us coo like a new mother at her child every time we see them? Many things actually. It could be their tiny little noses that wiggle when they smell something stinky.

Or it could be the sight of their toe beans when they're asleep and the little tufts of fur stick out from between them basically BEGGING you to touch it. OR the rare and illusive tongue blep... Yup, it's definitely the blep. And while it can be very hard to see sometimes we've gathered here a gallery of precious tongue photos so everyone can start their cuteness levels at max going into 2020!

1. The journey starts here... Prepare yourself!

2. For some almost overwhelming cuteness!

3. Sleepy Blep

4. Playtime Blep

5. Relaxed Blep

6. Any kind of Blep! We've got them all!

7. Have you ever seen one this close up before?

8. Or one from a kitty this C H O N K Y ?

9. Some of theses might be the best mlem material I've ever seen.

10. I'm mean, look at this wee face!

11. Or this wee one giving off a bit of a side swipe

12. Cats were put on this earth to bring people joy. I'm sure of it.

13. If they weren't why would this even be a possibility?


15. Any at all. Watch your cat like a hawk, you'll see.

16. Soft baby...

17. Warm baby...

18. Little ball of blep...

19. That's it. I can't take any more of this cuteness.

20. I'm going to hug my cat.

Thanks for making it all the way to the end! Make sure you share with a friend who needs a happiness boost, and give your cat some extra hugs from me!

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