Cat Tweets That Prove Cats Really Are The Best

Every day that a cat has lived in my home I've learned a little more why cats are the best pet, ever. Unfortunately, I've also learned that not everyone really "gets" just how fantastic cats are. As cat lovers, enthusiasts, and even fanatics we get the first-hand experience of their diverse, unique purr-sonality quirks that define everything about our obsession with our feline friends. These days we have the Internet at our fingertips, though.

So, everyone who doesn't have the opportunity to prance through life with a kitty comrade can still understand entirely just how fantastic and awesome these little critters are and if there is any platform that rises above the rest to give us that chance it is definitely Twitter. Cat owners and crazy cat ladies take all of their pictures, stories, and musings to Twitter with ease and at the end of the day when my cat is being lazy, I get to relish in cat-tastic awesome-ness simply by looking at what the cat owners of the world are seeing in their cats every day. Now you can, too.

16. Happy stories make us happy.

What a good noodle this kitty is.

17. Sometimes you see something so funny that it hurts by the time you're done laughing.

Here is a great example of one of those things.

26. Cats are determined.

If only humans were even half as determined.

27. Feed the kitten?

Like a boss.

28. Ranking Cats?


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