The Funniest Posts For Fans Of Cats On Catnip By All Of You

Do you like cats? Then you've come to the right place. Cats enrich our lives in more ways than we can count and it's no secret that globally they are beloved by nearly all. (For reference, we don't recommend trusting the few who don't like cats, they can't be right.)

One thing the Internet has done for over two decades is unite people everywhere in their love for cats and cat-related humor. The thing is, whether it's a joke about cats or just an every day photo of our precious puss pals doing their thing, we can all usually relate to the quirks that make us love cats to begin with. So I guarantee you're in for a good laugh today. You're welcome!

1. There's always a work-around.

When your wife wants a cat, she is going to get herself a cat.

2. First of all...

My obsession with cats isn't weird.

3. Worth it

This is more of a tutorial than a warning.

4. The government may take my tax dollars...

But they'll never take my cat's thoughts.

5. This should be the real international holiday.

To be fair, I celebrate cats every day.

6. Ah, a nice bed.

And later: lunch.

7. All in a hard day's work.

You gotta live a little.

8. That's one lucky cat.

What a sight to behold.

9. Can't fight the facts.

Suddenly, "lmao" is even better.

10. A struggle every single cat owner in the world knows.

Their stomachs don't speak to their brains or their souls fast enough not to have this conversation daily.

11. Precious friends.

Feathers and fur.

12. "You're focussing on the wrong thing, here."

C'mon, Janet, just get more toilet paper and worry about the toilet later.

13. The elusive panda butt cat

I'll take ten.

14. Hard at work.

This might give too much credit to Facebook staff.

15. Cats say good morning in the best ways.

So sweet.

16. In retrospect:

Why do this? WHYYYYY?

17. Breakfast, lunch, dinner!

(Also, second breakfast, brunch, supper, midnight snack, etc)

18. I feel purr-sonally attacked.

Don't judge me for talking to my cats like they're people!

19. Less scary, a lot better.

Everything is better with cats.

20. Cats and teenagers have a lot in common.

Especially their tantrums.

21. Bond over a mutual obsession with cats!

It's the trick to a long life of love.

22. Scoff, like that will stop me.

I'm coming to kiss you no matter what.

23. Cat Life

No judgment.

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