Photos That Prove Cats Are The Funniest (And The Best)

Not a day goes by that we don't look at pictures and memes of cats on the Internet and truly we couldn't imagine adventuring through life in any other way. Every setback, grumpy mood, and all around bad day can be made astronomically better when cats come into the situation. Pictures, videos, stories, you name it! Anything that has to do with cats will make a cat lover's day go from the worst of the worst to a heck of a lot better.

That's why we can't get enough of our precious cats. They are the reason the world goes around and around and we are completely okay with that.

1. Cat owners get creative.

This would never work with a dog.

2. A good heart.

Anyone who says they don't like cats is either a cold-hearted heathen or hasn't met the right cat.

3. Ginny is the real MVP

Shout-out to Ginny. Respect.

4. I do it all for the sunbathing.

The purr-fect spot to cuddle is in a sunbeam.

5. Have you head booped your kitten today?

If you haven't, you may be a toaster.


The power to woo cats is superhero worthy and you cannot convince me otherwise.

7. Thank goodness for cats.

Their sass is comparable to the average teenager.

8. A classic "cat trap."

Warmth is the ultimate bait.

9. This is what a good cat-grandma looks like.

She loves those fur babies the proper way.

10. Who else can relate?

I bet a lot of you can definitely relate.

11. When there's not enough catnip or sunbeams...

I'd call it quits, too.

12. Oh no...

Kitty looks cute but most cats don't need haircuts.

13. Suddenly I feel better about the world.

A little concerned about Australia though.

14. Majestic.

I'll take ten, please.

15. You've done this cat a grave concern.


16. Boop!

Boops are best.

17. Vintage as heck.

I would most definitely buy and frame this great piece of artwork.

18. "We're in this together, hooman."

That's how you know your cat is there for you.

19. Who needs stock?

When you could have box?

20. Not an understatement.

I appreciate the little details.

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