These BFF Foster Cats Are So Close That They Hold Each Other's Paws

Life isn't easy when you're one of millions of homeless cats seeking a forever home. But when your best friend is also homeless, and you can't bear the thought of being separated from her, finding a loving home can be even more of a struggle.

Lily and Rosa - a Siamese mix and a sleek black kitten in a Florida foster home - have found themselves in this exact position. From the very beginning, the two shared an unbreakable bond.

"Rosa came to me ... seriously underweight and sad," Andrea Christian, a foster for St. Francis Society Animal Rescue said.

"A couple days later I got a call to take another very ill kitten that had been in ICU for about a week," Christian said. "Lily [had been] found on the side of the road in Tampa ... she looked like a skeleton."

Andrea worked hard to make sure the two kittens felt safe and at home.

When Lily had finished her course of antibiotics, Andrea decided to introduce her to Rosa.

"It was love at first sniff!"

Lily was still quite weak and was suffering from Toxoplasmosis. But Rosa seemed to help Lily gain back her strength.

They even hold each other's paws!

The challenge for the duo now is to find a forever home where they can stay together and continue their friendship.

If you live in the Tampa Bay area and think you can give Lily and Rosa the forever home they deserve, you can contact St. Francis Society Animal Rescue. You can also help them in their search for a home by spreading the word or by making a donation to the rescue.

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